The Limbang Plaza

The Limbang Plaza
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Limbang Plaza Sarawak

Pearl Commercial Centre - A Strata Property at Pending, Kuching, Sarawak

Monday, November 5, 2012

Management Fund is fund for manage common property.

Dear Investors,owners & friends

Limbang Plaza is a strata title property. The strata title for this Plaza has been issused since 2005. The good point is that owners can transfer their title without the consent of the developer. The legal firm transfer can done throught a lawyer but the owners need to fully settled the management fund at the management office.

The strata title schedule call for a managment to set up a management fund to be upkeep the common property.

Why the owners need to pay the MF?

MF is use to cover the expense of the operation. This work like running a company. There is an income. The income is the MF.
The expenses are to cover the  power consumption, cost of maintenance of manpower and also equipments for the common area.

The advantages of having MF is For :
1) The property could be manage in a proper manner.
2) The managing agent could function properly.

The property Price :

The property price has been increased on average over 75% over 10 years. Some of them has increased over 100% for good location at ground floor.

The occupancy :

The Limbang Plaza occupancy is over 90%.

Halal Food - SCR, Singapore Chicken Rice is coming to Limbang Purnama Hotel


SCR, Singapore Chicken Rice:-

Finally, SCR is coming to Limbang Plaza, Limbang. one of the best halal food provider in Sarawak, SCR has outlets in all major towns in sarawak like kuching, Sibu, Miri and Limbang,  This is a family restaurant. They serve food suitable for the whole family. So, for now onward, for the local and also for visitors coming to Limbang has one more choice. But you need to know where it is? It is near the Purnama  Hotel lobby.

SCR  Brand has been expanding to all over Sarawak now. The food provided are of good quality. Their food business is growing very fast. The price is reasonable.

They have more outlets than the big and famous restaurant like KFC.

If you are travelling in Sarawak by road or by aeroplane, you must find SCR, the food is safe and clean. The restaurant is keep up to its standard. You would have a nice holiday. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Limbang Plaza

Limbang Plaza Shopping Centre.

Limbang Plaza is the first shopping centre built in Limbang. The Plaza has start its operation since 1998. The building  has four (4) shopping floors. There are 123 units of shoplots. There are more than 100 owners because some own two units. This is a Strata Title Property. The building strata title has been issused.

The building consist of two (2) blocks. One Block house the hotel, the Purnama Hotel  and the other is the Office Block.
There is also a multi-storey car parks connected to the main building through a bridge.

The main tenant is Ngui Kee Supermarket with thier tagline My Family Store.

Sugar Bun is do very well in this building.

Singapore Chicken Rice is coming to Limbang on 12th of December, 2012.

Pearl Commercial Centre

Pearl Commercial Centre
kuching Brothers Property

Pearl Commercial Cente - a strata property at Pending, Kuching, Sarawak

Public Mutual

Public Mutual
Retirement or Child Education

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